About Us

Under new ownership, Snowie of the Carolinas was formed out of the passion to bring smiles to the faces of the young and the not so young of North Carolina.

Snowie Of The Carolina's Fouders, Belinda and Donna wanted a business that was rewarding, both financially, and emotionally, that delivered a high-quality product, at a reasonable cost. With those goals in mind, Snowie of the Carolinas was formed.

Now ran by Rob, Snowie aims to accomplish those goals, we first looked at the best ice shavers available. We chose the Snowie 3000 shaver, which produces the fluffiest ice possible. Unlike the typical chunky ice you get from other snow cone vendors, our ice is more like SNOW. Hence the name SNOWIE!!! This snow-like consistency helps the great tasting flavored syrups absorb into the entire snow cone.

Next, unlike our competitors, who limit your choices, we allow YOU to flavor your own snow cone using our “flavor stations”. Whether you’re a purist wanting just one flavor, or a mixologist wanting a “rainbow” of flavors, the choice is yours. We have over 20 delicious flavors to choose from. The hardest part is trying to figure out what flavor you want to try today.

Mobility was another consideration. The Snowie trailer allows us to bring the party to you! Why not consider booking Snowie for your next event? Block parties, church outings, HOA parties, school celebrations, employee appreciation events, holiday parties, the list is endless. Snowie of the Carolinas will make your party planning a breeze and your event a BIG hit!